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Cookbook Review: Luke and Scott Clean Living (A 3 Week Healthy Lifestyle Plan to Help You Change Your Life)

My rating: 4 stars
Clean Living: A 3-week Healthy Lifestyle Plan to Help You Change Your Life

An accessible food and body workout ‘Paleo-Style’
Luke and Scott were the Bondi loving personal trainers from 2013’s series of My Kitchen Rules.


Much like the authors, this is a slim, beautiful book about paleolithic eating and functional training.  As a cronut fan I was naturally very suspicious.  Fortunately, the recipe section of the book is exciting, fresh and uses superfoods in a very appealing way.  50% of the book is about exercise and has lots of detailed instructions and pictures on how to work out right.  I wish though, that the boys had put up some you tube videos on how these exercises are done.  I enjoyed looking at the pictures of people exercising while I sat on my couch.

Luke and Scott Clean Living Exercises
Luke and Scott Clean Living Exercises

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Cronut wars: Zumbo’s Zonut vs Tivoli’s Dossant

Comparing Cronuts: At Left, Tivoli Bakery's Do-ssant vs At Right, Zumbo's Zo-nut
Comparing Cronuts: LEFT Tivoli Bakery’s Do-ssant vs RIGHT Zumbo’s Zo-nut

I had always sworn to keep my blog purely about cookbooks.  However, sometimes an epic change in the culinary landscape occurs and all the rules shatter.

The tectonic plates of the carbohydrate universe have changed with the introduction of the Cronut.

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WIN! – Chicken & Eggs (River Cottage Handbook No.11)

As you know I’m a big fan of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and the River Cottage Publications (see here).  River Cottage Handbook No. 11 by Mark Diacono has been released and is yours to win thanks to Bloomsbury books!

The first half details “how to” raise chickens and farm eggs.  The second half is all chicken and egg recipes.  Its a charming and curious book.

You can win your own copy of this book by re-tweeting, FB posting, or by subscribing to this website! Please let me know via comments how you’ve entered.

Entries close 14 October 2013.

River Cottage Chicken & Eggs by Mark Diacono

River Cottage Chicken & Eggs by Mark Diacono