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WIN!! RIPE Cookbooks by Angela Redfern

WIN a copy of RIPE cookbook or RIPE (A Fresh Batch) by Angela Redfern 

RIPE and RIPE - A Fresh Batch by Angela Redfern
RIPE and RIPE – A Fresh Batch by Angela Redfern



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Cookbook Review: The Pocket Bakery by Rose Prince

My rating: 5 stars

The Pocket Bakery Rose Prince



Lemon Tart by Rose Prince


The best baking book for beginners

This book is the best beginners’ baking book I’ve seen in a long time.  It really is a B.A.S.I.C baking book for complete duffers.  The instructions are so detailed I got carpel tunnel from re-typing the recipes.  The benefit to the reader is recipes that seem to work! Fillings that fit the tin! Recipes that give the tin size needed!  NO SOGGY BOTTOMS WHEN FOLLOWING THE REALISTIC INSTRUCTIONS!!! (i.e. no stupid instructions saying “blind bake for 5 min” that is bu11 sh*t).  All things that experienced bakers take for granted but novice bakers need to know.  It also assumes no stand mixers nor machines so you can use this book without making serious financial investment.

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