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Best Cookbooks for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day in Oz is Sunday, September 4, 2011. Hurry along and order or buy one of these books now. I reckon they are absolutely perfect for Father’s Day. In no particular order…
Adam Liaw’s My Two Kitchens (reviewed here)

  • Best for the Dad that loves Asian food, who wants to learn new things and is capable of cooking complex foods.
  • For the more international and cerebral dad/zen/ karate kid at heart father.  This book is one of my favourite books of the year.
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Two Asian Kitchens

Maeve O’Meara Food Safari (reviewed here)

  • Best for Dad’s that love to try new cuisines from around the world
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Food Safari

Manu Fidel’s My French Kitchen (reviewed here)

  • Best for the Dad that loves French food simplified, is young at heart and a beginner in the kitchen.
  • Manu seems to love his young son and there are lots of pictures of father-son sentimentality. The recipes are also simplified and accessible versions of flashy French dishes so hopefully the gift giver is going to get a tasty reward.
  • Click on image to buy

Manu's French Kitchen

Adrian Richardson’s The Good Life (reviewed here)

  • Best for the Dad that loves meat, footy, bbq’s, and is a beginner in the kitchen.
  • The Good Life (to be reviewed soon) is the ultimate book for the Alpha Male. Adrian Richardson even shows you how to cure your own meat and do basic butchery – not only that, he does it using pictures. For the Fred Flintstone in your life this book is pure gold.
  • Click on image to buy

The Good Life

Guy Mirabella’s Hungry: Food From My Heart (review forthcoming)

  • Best for the Dad that loves Italian food with a fine dining spin, who appreciates modern art and photography, and has a bit of experience in the kitchen.
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Jamie Oliver’s 30 Min Meals (review forthcoming)

  • Best for the Dad that wears trainers to work, rides a moped and likes simple plain food that’s not too rich.
  • Click on image to buy.

Jamie's 30-minute Meals

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Cookbook Review: The Country Women’s Association Cookbook Seventy Years in the Kitchen

by Cookie McBookie

My rating: 1/2  star

Take note – there is NO Vanilla Slice recipe. WTF!  On the savoury front – NO Shepherd’s Pie!! This book is not the jedi-path to being dinki-di. Also, in contrast to similar publications, there are no boasts of blue ribbon, prize winning recipes that I was hoping to try. read more »