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Cookbook Review: Like Grandma Used to Make by Rebecca Sullivan

My rating: 4 1/2 stars
Like Grandma Used to Make

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To pickle is the new black and this nostalgic cookbook is ironically on trend!

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Cookbook Review: Donna Hay’s Simple Dinners

My rating 4 stars


As is typical of Donna Hay, this book has impeccable styling, chorizo, and canned caramel.

I made her cheat’s chocolate and salted caramel tarts which were very sweet but a quick win.

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Cookbook Review Vintage: The Margaret Fulton Cookbook 1968 (reprint 1977)

Dear Margaret Fulton – I’M NOT WORTHY!!! I’M NOT WORTHY!!

I have failed you oh great sage, Yoda lookalike with a splash of ET. Stab me with a carving knife oh great one!

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Cookbook Review: Fast, Fresh, Simple by Donna Hay

by Cookie McBookie

My rating: 3 1/2 stars.

Donna Hay is one of The Chosen. Yes, she was hand picked to cater for Oprah Winfrey‘s party in Sydney.

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Cookbook Review : Masterchef Australia – Volume Two – The Cookbook

by Cookie McBookie

My rating: 4 stars (5 stars for fans of the show)

I love love love the MasterChef TV show.

Really any show where fat people rule the school has got my full attention.

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Cookbook Review: Poh’s Kitchen – My Cooking Adventures by Poh Ling Yeow

by Cookie McBookie

My rating: 5 stars


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Cookbook Review: Food Safari by Maeve O’Meara

By Cookie McBookie

My rating: 4 stars

Food Safari is a “culinary adventure around the world” that you can do from your kitchen in Australia. Its a great idea and Maeve O’Meara has assembled a big collection of recipes from professional chefs and home cooks.

However, styling-wise the book looks like a tribal painting threw up on a persian carpet.

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Cookbook Review: The Country Women’s Association Cookbook Seventy Years in the Kitchen

by Cookie McBookie

My rating: 1/2  star

Take note – there is NO Vanilla Slice recipe. WTF!  On the savoury front – NO Shepherd’s Pie!! This book is not the jedi-path to being dinki-di. Also, in contrast to similar publications, there are no boasts of blue ribbon, prize winning recipes that I was hoping to try. read more »