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Cookbook Review: The Complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon

Easy to make, authentic cuisines adapted for the average kitchen.  This curry was AMAZING.  

4.5 stars

Kari Ayam Kelapa and Nasi Kunit
Kari Ayam Kelapa and Nasi Kunit

But how does this book cook? I made the Kari Ayam Kelapa (Chicken Curry with Roasted Coconut) and the Nasi Kunit (glutinous tumeric rice).

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WIN! – Chicken & Eggs (River Cottage Handbook No.11)

As you know I’m a big fan of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and the River Cottage Publications (see here).  River Cottage Handbook No. 11 by Mark Diacono has been released and is yours to win thanks to Bloomsbury books!

The first half details “how to” raise chickens and farm eggs.  The second half is all chicken and egg recipes.  Its a charming and curious book.

You can win your own copy of this book by re-tweeting, FB posting, or by subscribing to this website! Please let me know via comments how you’ve entered.

Entries close 14 October 2013.

River Cottage Chicken & Eggs by Mark Diacono

River Cottage Chicken & Eggs by Mark Diacono




WIN “The Good Life” by Adrian Richardson

Win a copy of “The Good Life – A year of cooking and eating with family and friends” by Adrian Richardson. Chef extraordinaire of La Luna Bistro and tv host of “Secret Meat Business” on the Lifestyle channel.

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Cookbook Review: British Baking by Peyton and Byrne

My rating: 3 1/2 stars

5 for style, 3 for substance  – the recipes did not taste great.








This book is like David Beckham – sexy as all hell – but such a shame he has to talk…

It is easily the most beautiful cookbook I have ever seen.

It IS the new Britannia (circa Tony Blair / pre- GFC) – cool, whimsical, Kate Moss meets Coldplay, “keep calm carry on” …

Alas, when it comes to communicating, something goes slightly out of kilter.

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Cookbook Review: Making Whoopies: The Official Whoopie Pie Book

My rating: 2 1/2 stars for the book 4 stars for the actual pie!

I’ve heard lots of noise about Whoopie pies. Hey they were even on The View and have been billed as the next big thing since cupcakes by the NY Times. So what are these “pies”? Well, they aren’t the tarts that Americans traditionally label as “pies”. Rather they are muffin tops sandwiched together by some kind of nuclear white cream.

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Cookbook Review: Nigella Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

My rating 4 stars

 by Cookie McBookie

Nigella is the perfect foodie – crumbs fall off her lips and ricochet off her massive bossoms back into her plummy mouth.

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Cookbook Review: Fast, Fresh, Simple by Donna Hay

by Cookie McBookie

My rating: 3 1/2 stars.

Donna Hay is one of The Chosen. Yes, she was hand picked to cater for Oprah Winfrey‘s party in Sydney.

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Cookbook Review: The Country Women’s Association Cookbook Seventy Years in the Kitchen

by Cookie McBookie

My rating: 1/2  star

Take note – there is NO Vanilla Slice recipe. WTF!  On the savoury front – NO Shepherd’s Pie!! This book is not the jedi-path to being dinki-di. Also, in contrast to similar publications, there are no boasts of blue ribbon, prize winning recipes that I was hoping to try. read more »