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Cookbook Review: The Great Australian Cookbook

My review: 5 stars
The Great Australian Cookbook

This is a book I wish I’d been able to produce.  The editors have gone on a nationwide journey and asked 100 of Australia’s top cooks, chefs and foodies for their favourite home recipes.  This book has so many stars and unsung heroes in it you will find something that suits your abilities and your palate.

eg Maggie Beer – makes something with quince (or vino cotto); Margaret Fulton – makes something with a sponge cake; Zumbo – makes something really difficult.

ANZAC recipe
ANZAC recipe

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Cookbook Review: Hungry by Guy Mirabella

My rating 4 stars

This is one of the most creative and beautifully presented books I’ve seen from an Australian publisher. It is visually stunning combining artwork and food in a gorgeous way.

This relatively slim volume covers modern Italian Australian cuisine in a tasteful semi-posh way. This is an ideal book for anyone who fancies themselves a cross between Picasso and Jamie Oliver (but grown up).

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WIN! Indulge – 100 sweet and savoury recipes by Rowie Dillon


This is one of the most beautiful and appealing gluten free cookbooks I’ve ever seen.

This is not a hippie, wholefoods only, health freak cookbook. This book gives you recipes for pizza, chocolate cake, and yes healthy meals as well…

You can win a copy of this book. Just let me know in 25 words or less what your favourite indulgence is! Let me know in the comments!

  You can also buy this book from fishpond.com.au/Indulge

Cookbook Review: 2010 Cookbook of the Year: Around My French Table

My rating 4 1/2 stars

This book is old school i.e. it’s similar to books from the 60’s and 70’s in that there are hardly any pictures and there’s an overdose of words. (bye bye Gen Y, LOL, LMAO).  I would have cooked more than one recipe but typing out one gave me carpel tunnel.

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Cookbook Review: Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood

My rating: 2 stars

I saw country singer Trisha Yearwood on The View, spruiking her new book
Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood: Stories and Recipes to Share with Family and Friends

The lovely ladies at the View raved about her Southern style cooking and loved Trisha’s version of “crack” – a sweet and salty snack so good you can’t stop eating it.  The recipe for Sweet and Saltines is here.

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Cookbook Review: Nigella Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

My rating 4 stars

 by Cookie McBookie

Nigella is the perfect foodie – crumbs fall off her lips and ricochet off her massive bossoms back into her plummy mouth.

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Cookbook Review: The Barefoot Contessa – Best Chocolate Cake Ever?

Review: The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook by Ina Garten

My rating: 4 stars

Fark I lurve Ina Garten. (Yes I speak English).

She is the human version of Martha Stewart. I “HEART” INA. Ahhh Ina.

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Cookbook Review Vintage: The Margaret Fulton Cookbook 1968 (reprint 1977)

Dear Margaret Fulton – I’M NOT WORTHY!!! I’M NOT WORTHY!!

I have failed you oh great sage, Yoda lookalike with a splash of ET. Stab me with a carving knife oh great one!

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Cookbook Review Vintage: What Was Your First Cookbook?

What was your first cookbook?

Mine was: The Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step CookBook (1977, special imprint 1984) edited by Gill Edden.

My rating: 4 1/2 stars

Any child (to  later develop a weight problem) would have to stop and caress the cover of The Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step Cookbook…..My mum bought this for me from a discount bookstore – the kind Greg Evans did commercials for in the 80s.  Its one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever owned and produced the best baked cheesecake I’ve ever tasted (see below).

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