Cronut wars: Zumbo’s Zonut vs Tivoli’s Dossant

Comparing Cronuts: At Left, Tivoli Bakery's Do-ssant vs At Right, Zumbo's Zo-nut
Comparing Cronuts: LEFT Tivoli Bakery’s Do-ssant vs RIGHT Zumbo’s Zo-nut

I had always sworn to keep my blog purely about cookbooks.  However, sometimes an epic change in the culinary landscape occurs and all the rules shatter.

The tectonic plates of the carbohydrate universe have changed with the introduction of the Cronut.

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Sucrose legend Adriano Zumbo opened his sugar hut in Melbourne last week and at last, Melbournians have access to his legendary choux-maccas, zumbarons and his version of the cro-nut: The Zo-Nut!

Down the road, the former Movida bakery (now re-branded the Tivoli Road Bakery) has their version called The Do-ssant.

My lard cells rejoiced and like a zombie from The Walking Dead I was called to South Yarra on a Saturday morning, slack-jawed and drooling.

Zumbo's new patisserie in South Yarra Melbourne
Zumbo’s new patisserie in South Yarra Melbourne

The Zo-Nut: Tastes exactly like a croissant that’s been deep fried.  The layers of laminated pastry are all distinct and have a yeasty butteriness.  The choc crem pat is punched in at good intervals.  The topping is particularly special – chocolate pop-rocks, a gentle frosting and little chocolate balls and shards.  It’s not too sweet and not too oily.  If you love croissants then this is a great option for you.  Apparently, flavours change weekly.

Zumbo's version of the Cronut
Zumbo’s version of the Cronut


Inside Zumbo's Chocolate Zonut
Inside Zumbo’s Chocolate Zonut

The Do-Ssant: Tastes more like a flakey, yeasted donut than a croissant.  The choc crème pat fills the hole in the donut rather than the layers of the donut.  The top has a freeze dried raspberry.  It has a delicate crispiness on the outside and is quite sweet.  It’s sweeter but smaller than the Zo-nut.  Chocolate and vanilla flavours available.

Tivoli Road Bakery, Melbourne
Tivoli Road Bakery, Melbourne
Tivoli's Do-Ssant
Tivoli’s Do-Ssant
Picture 1: Dossant on top, Zonut on bottom,
Picture 2: Dossant at left, Zonut at right
Picture 3: Zonut on top, Dossant on bottom

Verdict: I loved both. I loved The Zo-nut because its more like a croissant and less sweet.  But I also loved The Do-ssant because its more like a small donut.  I ate the whole thing very comfortably.  The Zo-nut needs a bit more pace.  Overall they are both worth sampling.  Have to call it a happy draw.  Have you had your cronut today? Let me know your thoughts! xxx




  • Justin
    October 20, 2013 - 5:14 pm | Permalink

    Must try the Dossant for myself, thoroughly enjoyed the taste of the Zonut, the chocolate pop-rocks were a nice touch.

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