I buy nearly all my books online. Due to exchange rates, delivery costs and publishing location, it pays to check across different sites for the best price for your books. Even Australian book titles can be found at cheaper prices at foreign retailers!  

Always shop around.

This includes looking at and for very commercial titles. Nevertheless, I think you can’t beat speciality online retailers for price and customer service.

My favourite site is with a close second. I use a variety of sites and list the pros and cons below.

Note that most recipes now use the metric system.  However if the book is not in metric but in “cups” you should be warned that Australian, US, UK cups are slightly different.  Check out the handy link at wikipedia that shows the different measures. Note that the differences are fairly small. or

I like for great value and fast shipping of UK and Australian titles. The US version is also good.

Pros Cons
Free worldwide delivery Limited consumer reviews
Extremely competitive prices Only books
No need to register an account
Very fast delivery or

I like for US titles and for general research, consumer reviews and to find similar/alternative products

Pros Cons
Free UK or US delivery (conditions apply) Expensive international delivery
Extremely competitive prices Cross promotion of useful products – not just books
Terrific consumer reviews and ratings
Samples of book content provided free
Great alternative reading suggestions
Cross promotion of useful products – not just books
Most advanced online shopping options including shopping cart, wishlists, recommendations etc.

Pros Cons
Free Australian delivery (conditions apply) Limited consumer reviews
Sells books, music, movies, games, toys and more
Great access to Australian Titles

Fishpond 604x90

Pros Cons
Free Australian delivery (conditions apply) or flat rate Limited consumer reviews
Extremely competitve prices
Great access to Australian Titles

The Nile -Australia's Largest Online Bookstore


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